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Rogue Ales,  Newport, Oregon

  • 7%ABV, 30IBU’s
  • Whispy islands of head, cloudy, the colour of dusty wild roses on the side of a dirt road on the way to a pig farm way back in the sticks.
  • When you stick your nose in the glass you get a strong sweet smoke aroma. When enjoyed from a distance it really smells of maple syrup and bacon. Its breakfast.
  • The smoke is different than you would get from a scotch, it more of a mesquite smoke.
  • Flavour is malty with the added touch of slightly burnt bacon.
  • This is actually quite a tasty beer, not just an extreme novelty beer.
  • Best chances to find this beer is to check out Zyn.

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I had an Albino Rhino Wheat Ale a few weeks ago at Earl’s on Macleod Trail South – and it was wonderful!

Earls Albino Rhino Logo

Last night, they’d run out of it, so I tried the Pale Ale – not so happy with it, but was able to finish off the pint.

Today, I looked for more info as I don’t have a logo or a photo to add to my beer database – and stumbled across this report – several on the web about the same date – and figured I had to share…

‘Albino Rhino’ beer at Earls Restaurants target of human rights complaint | Daily Brew – Yahoo! News Canada.

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SEXIEST BEER LABELS – another neat blog on AleHeads.


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Beer 101

BEER 101 – a good introduction to beer, blogged on AleHeads.


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I won’t claim to be a great writer – especially after a pint or two.

So I start this blog with the best of intentions of doing two things:

  • #1 – keeping my adoring public (OK, my coupla beer-loving friends) updated as to what my latest discovery might be, and
  • #2 – recording said discovery – a lá photographic record.

In order to put content in your face, though – I’ll pull from some of the best blogs & sites I can find.

I won’t claim to be original, or a beer expert – I’m not – but I LIKE BEER, and who can blame me for trying to share this passion with the world?

I promise two things:

  • #1 – I will never post when I’m too drunk to know better
  • #2 – I will probably renege on #1 when I get too drunk to know better

As I have too many interests to concentrate on any one thing, however, ORIGINAL content on this blog is likely to be limited.

So – I will be re-blogging (or at least, pointing to!) others’ beer blogs & sites, as much as I write my own stuff.

Submissions/Suggestions are welcome!




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